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Three weeks before my 36th birthday, my partner of nearly 8 years told me she wanted a divorce. I freaked out and lost my mind. In private, in public — everyone saw it. Beautifully, however, grace came to me as I discovered love in the darkest places. Friends came around, and continue to do so, lifting  me up and reminding me that I am enough. It’s difficult to remember that somedays, and when my heart doesn’t remember, it effects greatly the way I think, ultimately, bringing me back once again to the darkest of places seeking grace once again. Thankfully, it’s always there. In the darkness, or in the light, love will be there to carry us down this long promised road. Truly, we are never alone! When we're scared, exhausted, and lonely, we must not forget that! Another thing we have to remember is that we can’t love others properly, until we first love ourselves, no matter what. I’m trying. It’s not easy, but each morning I wake up, I do my best to accept where I am at and to accept that that is a beautiful place to be with unlimited possibilities for growth and healing. So why the blog? Well, I’ve decided, for the first time in my life, to start a journal or diary. But rather than keeping it hidden beneath a pillow on my bed of which I never sleep in (I currently sleep in a recliner that belonged to my grandmother), I thought it would be a wonderful experience if I shared it with you so you can always see where I’m at and remind me again that I am enough. Also, you may need to hear that yourself right now, as well. It’s true, we are enough, and that isn’t dependent on anything else. At this moment we are alive! Think about that — The Universe wants us here! But if you’re anything like me, you spend most of your time trapped in your head like a sweaty dog chasing its own tail. As my buddy always tells me, so long as we have one foot in yesterday and one foot in tomorrow, we’re just pissin’ on today! I don’t wanna go through life just pissin’, ya know? I want to live vividly, overflowing with passion and wonder! I also want to live with gratitude and acceptance. I’m having some trouble doing that these days, so I thought maybe writing often about how I’m honestly feeling, I could start to cultivate some traction and my heart could open up like it once was. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for reading. Like I always say, I’m here until I’m not, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you’d ever like to talk! It may seem long, and not knowing what will happened next can be terrifying, but it is promised, and we must not forget that. Love is here. Love is now. I love you!



Huntington, WV, USA

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